BCA D-2 Dozer Hoe Ext Avalanche Shovel w/ Folding Saw 2019

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BCA D-2 Dozer Hoe Ext Avalanche Shovel w Folding Saw

▶️ Extendable and packable.

▶️ Positive slip-proof grips on both the shaft and blade.

Bombproof, packable B-2 blade, oval shaft, and T6 heat treatment.

Folding saw includes high strength polymer handle and 420 Stainless Steel taper-ground, razor teeth blade. The D-2 EXT Dozer is ultimate tool for “strategic shoveling” and digging out stuck snowmobiles. The Dozer easily converts to a traditional shovel making it adaptable to any backcountry situation. And the folding saw makes an effective tool for cutting away debris.


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